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Dynamic Semantic Clusters: Where user experience begins

By Mark Baker. Users don’t read websites the way they read books. They read clusters of pages from many sites that they assemble for themselves or with others they trust; a hunt and gather process that shapes their experience. To help construct a compelling user experience, we content creators need to think outside the box of the website. We need to think about Dynamic Semantic Clusters. One way to do that is with an approach to content design that I call “Every Page is One Page”.

"Content Strategy for Mobile": A book review

By Hannah Adcock. In A Book Apart’s Content Strategy for Mobile (2012), Karen McGrane discusses why and how to get your content ready for different devices, platforms, screen sizes, and resolutions. She argues for making our content adaptive to mobile, and for content parity across different devices and experiences, because we can’t know what a user wants by screen size alone. This book is a great read if you need clarity on why you should make your content mobile-friendly, or if you need tips about how to do it. For those that like dissembling things to see how they work, you’ll need more than this book alone.